Hey, it’s Jake. A fresh grad from Phoenix, AZ, now living in San Francisco. I took Business Management in college and now pursuing a career in real estate. I’ve always enjoyed selling things to people. I started doing it when I was in grade school where I’d sell candies and snacks to other kids. Then in high school, I sold bootleg CD’s like movies, computer games, and software; which continued until I was in college. I wasn’t really in need of money, I just really enjoy the barter games.

Selling stuff as a kid until I was in college helped me with my career as a real estate agent. I’ve always liked talking to people and convincing them that they need the stuff I’m selling. By selling houses, you get to know different types of buyers. It’s fascinating to meet these people and the stories they have.

I’m not here to tell you about the people I’ve met selling houses (although I think that’s actually a nice idea), I’m here on the more practical side of things. To write about the latest trend in real estate and business & finance. Which is very important if you wanna buy a house.